Health in the green Economy play a vital role in examining of the health impact of climate change mitigation. Measuring health indicators of sustainable development can definitely mark the progress which leads to identity barriers in the three pillars of sustainability, social, environmental and economic.

Identifying the indicators of occupational health are very important at different streams like agriculture and industrial sectors etc. CGE and it's partners are moving uniquely at the selected locations. For which our respective member state partners of department of science and technology bilateral official are supporting to the field force. The selected locations will be intially in India and Russia, Kenya etc.

Green Economy health indicators will be measuring before, during and after consuming the liquor, pan, gutkha, cigarettes etc which will be placed at multilateral body like WHO for the implementation of the better policies for the well human being.

Further our experts will be analysing the pressing issues like TB(Tuberculosis), malaria etc at various location of sea and landscape sectors to establish the research outcomes at multilateral platforms.