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Centre for green economy knowledge partner of UNA-AP&T is uniquely positioned to align its developmental activities in the space, on the land and beneath the earth without disturbing the natural ecosystem harnessing all these three elements with inclusiveness of UN global goals and uniquely documenting the best business practices of UN Global compact principles. Our field force is well placed to establish lab to beacon the knowledge that is pertinent for the cross country research analysis on the land and seascape of geographical area. Our diverse domain experts comprising innovative research scholars, inquisitive faculty members and enthusiastic students are closely working on promotional, educational, execution aspects of UN Global Goals and bringing the research outcomes while consistently disseminating appropriate applicable knowledge to the respective stake holders. Such research outcomes will be validated to establish in the laboratories thereby enabling law-makers to derive the policies for enhancing the quality of life and social delight. As part of the promotional activity we have been conducting awareness programs on UN global goals using youth platforms and associated with state, central and multi-lateral agencies. Our leadership team invites the knowledge sharing, suggestions, inputs for the matching resource of the subject above with a caption "IF NOT NOW WHEN? IF NOT WE THEN WHO".


Bringing the cross country research outcomes at identified location labs in the world with different domain dedicated team of expertise on required respective streams and themes. Such labs would show case the pre and pro 2030 agenda best practices to foster into the civil society from local bodies to multilateral bodies to shape the better policy for the better life of the people with a caption that NO ONE LEFT BEHIND in knowing the UN global goals, in science, social, politics and governance for practicing the think globally act locally that "IF NOT NOW WHEN? IF NOT WE THEN WHO".


Vision is to participate and involve fully in creation of 600+decent millions jobs, in reducing the inequality,, by protecting the environment to grow the new Economy as green Economy considering the natural capital, social capital, human capital, to flourish peace and prosperity to elevate poverty and hunger with a adopted 2030 agenda for sustainable development with an implementation of TIME BANK and HEALTH BANK with a TIME TEAM.

Founder President


Mr. Jayaramulu Lingutla

Ambassador Green Economy,
Chief Expert ICSTI Diplomatic Position,
Secretary Indian Federation United Nations Association,
Secretary General United Nations Association of AP and Telangana,
Director Centre For Green Economy OPC Pvt LTD.

He is a futurist, green economist, development catalyst, social scientist, philanthropist, policies designer politics and governance, climate leader, ICAO trainer, GGKP member unit of OECD, UNEP, World Bank Wide knowledge in different streams and moved massively from local to international, addressed from local platform to multilateral platforms and working as cross country research analyst with inclusiveness of pre and pro UN global goals to shape better policies.

Room number 414


Tel. +7 (499) 198-7350, +7 (925) 843-1324


Deva Kaushik Lingutla

ICSTI Expert (Diplomatic Position)
Youth Ambassador
National Youth Convenor India IFUNA
Aviationist, Director Centre for Green Aviation OPC Pvt LTD (UNGC Signatory)
Delegate CFCC Paris 2015
Member 3AFparis
Member AIAA
Climate Leader in Climate Reality

Room number 414

E-mail: ldeva@icsti.int

Tel. +7 (499) 198-7350