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As the high commission of Kenya is heading five Asian countries such as Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India is showing much interest to build strong relationship in between asia and africa on the commonalities in the interest of globe.

The high commision of Kenya (the member of Africa commision) has visited our working areas on Feb 2017 shown high interest in connecting towards the area of land and seascape to develop knowledge sharing, cross learning, community development, health care, youth & woman empowerment, tourism, biodiversity, forstry etc.

In this connetion they have issued a letter of proposal to work together closely for asia, africa educational exchange and other common related subjects with inclusiveness of united nation global goals.

The CGE and its knowledge partners has decided to establish THE HOUSE OF NAIROBI to connect headquarters of UNEP (since it is located in Nairobi) and many related knowledge exchange matters on rich biodiversity, forestry, livestock etc.